OMG! I must have gone NUTS! Rip me off request!

Until and including October 31, 2011 you can buy the Dreams CD with a reduction of 15%. The special offer is only available in the BigCartel store. Of course this is valid as long as there are still CD's in store. Exception to this offer is Taiwan, since Taiwan already has a a permanent reduction.

Important note: The targeted CD is the first and  limited edition. Buying this 1st edition (physical CD only)  gives the buyer also a reduction of 30 % on the next purchased physical CD*.

In other words, you will get a reduction on two products if you order this October Special!  (as long as it is in store)


October Special! Double reduction! - Wham Bam I Am Sam


* How to get the reduction? All  you need to do, just before purchasing the next CD, is to send me the receipt  of your purchase of the 1st Edition, and I send you the special link where the price will give you this reduction.

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Exciting weeks  are coming... The studio will undergo a whole bunch of changes again. The basic setup, had proven well connected but not practical (mostly caused by wrong placing of keyboard and other devices as well as all patchbays. Cable lengths should be shortened, and where possible direct routes with least intervention of other devices etc., all to make it work more smoothly. So the goal now will be to involve more outboard equipment with shorter routes, ánd build a second monster computer to do all the heavy jobs. Not only the computers and the keys have to work together, but all possible connections will be examined and synchronized. Communication has to be well, and as a whole eficient and logically optimized. :)

So to begin with, I upgraded from “v4.5” to “Soundforge v10” and my Celemony's “Melodyne Essential”  went up to the “Editor” version, I ordered a samplerate convertor, to be able finally to work with an aged mastering “limiter” (of what I heard it works more like an upward compressor, and it seem to sound like a lovely gift). I also had a sideroad with a kinda cheap "upgrade" to “add” some plugins to my Vegas Movie Pro software...

On the list still is an extra controllermixer and a new DAW for all the heavy duty sidefills (samplers, soundbanks, virtual instruments, slaving to the main DAW), and a Neumann Mic…and…and… well…. the money is already down the Grand Canyon... need to save some again :P

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Somehow I saved this as a draft. This product is in store for a few months already:

In a new post I will make a list of all links to websites, blogs and stores...

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There it is, cominggggggggg  rrrrrrrrreallll soon now:

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I uploaded the final version of Dreams for free listening today (including lyrics).

So go check it out, I hope you will enjoy it!

You should stop the player in the sidebar first of course! :)

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I am hungry now. I am just on pixnet and started to build my page. Now it all seems to be pretty cool here, but the problem is that half of the items to make modifications in any way, is still in Chinese. I don´t understand those things. I already use two translationtools which makes I can do much more than when I started today, but well as you probably know, those have translations that you need to re/translate in a text that makes sense.

I am doing pretty well there, but improving my site and understanding of all items that can be changed, would make everything so much nicer to work with.

For example, I tried to import my wretch albums, but it all the time tells me the ùser`does not exist. I am sure i am not dreaming, I am a human, flesh and blood and all that, I made a blog on wretch, and I am not delerious, so somehow I am doing something wrong. I must have overlooked something, probably something that would not be translated by these tools. So tell me if you can, how to import that from wretch?

You can always feed me with other tips by the way, about anything on pixnet, I would highly appreciate that!

I call it the day, done enough for this blog for today, it consumed maybe 6 hours to do this little bit in here. Hoping to hear from anyone helping me out! Yay! Dizzy...


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QuantcastWell hello there!

Nice to see you visiting me here! This is my first post on pixnet which I hope to become a very lively page. I am working on this to make it another site that informs visitors about my music and more. Links will be added soon to my music websites and other ways to connect. So for now I will try to put some stuff on pixnet  first in order to show you links to my musical efforts...




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