OMG! I must have gone NUTS! Rip me off request!

Until and including October 31, 2011 you can buy the Dreams CD with a reduction of 15%. The special offer is only available in the BigCartel store. Of course this is valid as long as there are still CD's in store. Exception to this offer is Taiwan, since Taiwan already has a a permanent reduction.

Important note: The targeted CD is the first and  limited edition. Buying this 1st edition (physical CD only)  gives the buyer also a reduction of 30 % on the next purchased physical CD*.

In other words, you will get a reduction on two products if you order this October Special!  (as long as it is in store)


October Special! Double reduction! - Wham Bam I Am Sam


* How to get the reduction? All  you need to do, just before purchasing the next CD, is to send me the receipt  of your purchase of the 1st Edition, and I send you the special link where the price will give you this reduction.


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