I am hungry now. I am just on pixnet and started to build my page. Now it all seems to be pretty cool here, but the problem is that half of the items to make modifications in any way, is still in Chinese. I don´t understand those things. I already use two translationtools which makes I can do much more than when I started today, but well as you probably know, those have translations that you need to re/translate in a text that makes sense.

I am doing pretty well there, but improving my site and understanding of all items that can be changed, would make everything so much nicer to work with.

For example, I tried to import my wretch albums, but it all the time tells me the ùser`does not exist. I am sure i am not dreaming, I am a human, flesh and blood and all that, I made a blog on wretch, and I am not delerious, so somehow I am doing something wrong. I must have overlooked something, probably something that would not be translated by these tools. So tell me if you can, how to import that from wretch?

You can always feed me with other tips by the way, about anything on pixnet, I would highly appreciate that!

I call it the day, done enough for this blog for today, it consumed maybe 6 hours to do this little bit in here. Hoping to hear from anyone helping me out! Yay! Dizzy...


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