Exciting weeks  are coming... The studio will undergo a whole bunch of changes again. The basic setup, had proven well connected but not practical (mostly caused by wrong placing of keyboard and other devices as well as all patchbays. Cable lengths should be shortened, and where possible direct routes with least intervention of other devices etc., all to make it work more smoothly. So the goal now will be to involve more outboard equipment with shorter routes, ánd build a second monster computer to do all the heavy jobs. Not only the computers and the keys have to work together, but all possible connections will be examined and synchronized. Communication has to be well, and as a whole eficient and logically optimized. :)

So to begin with, I upgraded from “v4.5” to “Soundforge v10” and my Celemony's “Melodyne Essential”  went up to the “Editor” version, I ordered a samplerate convertor, to be able finally to work with an aged mastering “limiter” (of what I heard it works more like an upward compressor, and it seem to sound like a lovely gift). I also had a sideroad with a kinda cheap "upgrade" to “add” some plugins to my Vegas Movie Pro software...

On the list still is an extra controllermixer and a new DAW for all the heavy duty sidefills (samplers, soundbanks, virtual instruments, slaving to the main DAW), and a Neumann Mic…and…and… well…. the money is already down the Grand Canyon... need to save some again :P

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